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  /  The Roma Community Office of Aliveri
Roma Community Office of Aliveri-Biennale of Western Balkans

The Roma Community Office of Aliveri

The Roma Community Office of Aliveri has been operating for 20 years and aims at the social integration of Roma residents living in this settlement. The social scientists, educators and the Roma mediator of the center through the empowerment groups with women and teenagers of the settlement, aim at the social integration of women but also at the change of their image in the wider community through their own creations.

In collaboration with the Roma community, we recorded their traditional tales and stories as told by them and created the printed material “the 12 Roma tales”. One of the fairy tales, “the rooster and the pound” became a puppet show in which the women sewed the figures and the children of the settlement dramatized it.

The group of women in collaboration with non Roma women created “the tree of life”, a weave that by embroidering it, each woman told her own story and path.

Their latest creation is the woven “Roma Routes” which depicts the history of the local community and their route and evolution. All this, along with traditional costumes and wedding dresses, was presented at the exhibition “Roma women create” held at the Art Center in June in Volos.