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Biennale of Western Balkans, Ioannina, Greece

Biannual festival and year-round project that draws connections between intangible cultural heritage, art and technology.

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Welcome to the Biennale of Western Balkans

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  /  NGO ALEM (Esma Adzhiieva & Vlada Fomina)
Tatar Community-Art Pluriverse-Biennale of Western Balkans

NGO ALEM (Esma Adzhiieva & Vlada Fomina)

Esma Adzhiieva (2nd from left) is the founder of NGO “ALEM”, created 11 years ago. “Alem” team performs general strategic planning of the Crimean Tatars ICH element’s safeguarding activities, serving as a contact point for the craftsmen, artists, Crimean Tatar community and state agencies.

Esma initiates and implements projects related to support of the artists’ community: organized summer residences for masters of applied arts, initiated the submission of the Crimean Tatar ornament Ornek to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.  As аn expert of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and Expert Council of the ICH, Esma deals with analysis of cultural projects on the state level.

Vlada Fomina (4th from left) is a member of ALEM. She tries by her work to make the art of Crimean Tatar masters visible to the world, and the creation of an archive is one of the tools by which this will be possible.