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Biennale of Western Balkans, Ioannina, Greece

Biannual festival and year-round project that draws connections between intangible cultural heritage, art and technology.

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Welcome to the Biennale of Western Balkans

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The MAZIzone during the 3-day festival

MAZIzone in the 10th edition of the Balkans Beyond Borders festival


The MAZIzone was fun to use and interact with during the 3-day festival in Athens! As a physical proximity community network platform, it was available only within the physical space of the venue, easy and fast to install and to connect. Over 150 people from the audience voted for their favorite films, and almost 300 connected to chat live, share media, leave their comment in the digital guestbook and find more information about the festival programme. Overall it was a convivial experience that inspired participation and sharing within the context of the BBB intercultural festival.


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