Tradition anew!
Biennale of Western Balkans, Ioannina, Greece

Biannual festival and year-round project that draws connections between intangible cultural heritage, art and technology.

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Welcome to the Biennale of Western Balkans

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Textile Month Programme.

Online during December 3rd-23rd, 2020

Art Pluriverse: Textile Month in a glimpse!

Activities .

To be updated weekly. Stay tuned!
Research-based art creation online

Artist-Community Synergies

For: artists, communities & general public

5 artists cooperate online with 5 textile communities and co-create research-based artworks that explore the artistic heritage and cultural knowledge around textiles along contemporary art practices.

The public can follow up the artistic process online. Find more information about the selected artists, communities and their projects below.

Open GLAM online course

Creating FAIR Community Archives

For: GLAM enthusiasts, students, researchers, curators, archivists, educators and cultural professionals

5 researchers/research groups selected through the open calls will be attending the programme’s online course, learning to create FAIR community archives based on wiki-tools, Open GLAM practices and the FAIR principles.

Learn more about the selected researchers and invited tutors below.

VR public experience

Enter the 3D Art Pluriverse

For: everyone!

Throughout the event a VR art meeting space will be open and accessible to all, presented as a workshop in progress on weaving patterns and 3D modelling experimentation.

The workshop takes place within the framework of the academic course “Spatial Representation II”, at the School of Architecture in the University of Ioannina.

Writing jam

Open-access Zine Publication

For: Art Pluriverse participants and collaborators

The 1st Art Pluriverse Community Science Edition will be released post-event as an open-access zine publication. The programme includes a day of zine jam for exploring and sharing the documentary heritage of textile books, periodicals and ephemera, by the Athens Zine Bibliotheque.

The digital edition will be published by the National Documentation Centre.

5 artists & 5 communities

Artist-Community Synergies .

Co-creating research-based artworks
Artist Maria Juliana Byck
Roma Community Office of Aliveri-Biennale of Western Balkans

Maria Juliana Byck will collaborate
with the Roma Community Office of Aliveri,
expanding upon the themes of her recent work which explores the potential of fashion to address social issues.

Konstantinos Gkarametsis will collaborate
with the Rizarios Crafting School of Monodendri,
as a local artist who wishes to explore the possibilities of traditional grids and patterns within physical and digital space.

community-Rizarios Crafting School-Biennale of Western Balkans
Artist Kostantinos Gkarametsis
Artist Mina Kouvara
The Progressive Association of Xanthi

Mina Kouvara will collaborate
with the Progressive Union of Xanthi (FEX),
attempting a deep mapping of characteristic textiles, in order to explore the multiple layers of their natural and cultural environment, the making processes, their uses, symbolisms and people related to them.

Inês Neto dos Santos will collaborate
with the SEN Heritage Looms,
exploring connections between fermentation and textiles, by seeing the fermentation process as a signifier for community, collaboration and togetherness, and a means to express the importance of symbiosis.

community-SEN Heritage Looms-Biennale of Western Balkans
Artist Inês Neto dos Santos
Multimedia artist Maria Varela
Community-Bezi Metsovo-Biennale of Western Balkans

Maria Varela will be working
with Bezi Metsovo,
re-examining Metsovo’s traditional textiles, in order to design a new collaborative textile based on traditional weaving techniques, traditional textile structure and traditional design synthesis.

5 researchers/research groups & 5 tutors

FAIR Community Archives .

An open GLAM online course

Selected participants:

The NGO “ALEM” (Esma Adzhiieva & Vlada Fomina), documenting the Crimean Tatar Community,
work on safeguarding practices for the Crimean Tatars’ ICH elements.


Kirila Cvetkovska, documenting the Rizarios Crafting School of Monodendri,
is an independent cultural practitioner from North Macedonia, who is interested in the concepts of collective memory,
loss and detachment, exploring cross-cultural values and their manifestation.


Eleonora Geortsiaki, documenting the Roma Community Office of Aliveri,
is a recent arts graduate, concentrating on the connection between nature and the human body, and the field of museum education.


Victoria Manganiello, documenting the SEN Heritage Looms,
is an artist, educator, producer and collaborator, adjunct professor at NYU and Parsons the New School.


Cecilia  Palmér, documenting the Progressive Union of Xanthi (FEX),
is a designer and technologist, working between crafts, fashion, digital transformation and sustainable development.



Brigitte VézinaKonstantinos StampoulisManvi SethNikos VoyiatzisSimone da Silva, Puspita Ayu Permatasari, Susanna Ånäs

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