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Biennale of Western Balkans, Ioannina, Greece

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Sonic Minds |Sound Exhibition during BoWB 2018

Sonic Minds: Mnemonic Passages is a sound exhibition/project developed as a mobile app, using the cityscape of Ioannina as its exhibitional space. The sound project explores the concept of memory through sound.

Find info on the conditions to participate here. (closed)
See the analytical programme of the exhibition here.


‘Sonic Minds: Mnemonic Passages’ is an immaterial, walking sound exhibition that can be explored through free wandering along urban and natural paths within the city of Ioannina, with the use of a mobile application. By “entering” the exhibition, the audience turns into sonic flaneurs able to explore an invisible aural artwork, with the use of their personal smartphones.

Sonic Minds examines the concept of memory in relation to sound. In particular, the exhibition focuses on the concepts of collective memory and cultural memory, initiating from the research of Carl Jung. Within this theoretical perspective, the sound project is being synthesized by exploring private and public sound archives, field-recordings as well as new sound artworks.

The exhibition explores conceptual qualities in sound as orality, aural memory and technical reproducibility. What are the sonic and mnemonic interpretations of the collective human experience? How is sound expressing and connecting past and present in the imaginary of a community? How is conceptual sound – the sound we hear in our thoughts – being interpreted and recorded by stirring up memories and emotions?


Sonic Minds: Mnemonic Passages
by Lia Dimou