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Biannual festival and year-round project that draws connections between intangible cultural heritage, art and technology.

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Biennale of Western Balkans 2020 - Textile Month

Art Pluriverse 2020 | All links to the Textile month programme

The Art Pluriverse: A Community Science Series on intangible cultural heritage, art and open knowledge, has presented its 1st edition in December 2020 with a month-long online programme of collective actions, focusing on textile communities and their artistic heritage in the Balkan region.
Find below all the links to the programme:


BoWB - Intangible Culture

Art Pluriverse I webpage: 

Curatorial text:

Open calls:


Press release:

Download visual identity (digital images):



  The 3D Art Pluriverse Space:

  Map of Textile Communities and GLAMs: map

  Open-access Zine Publication:



Participating communities:

Tatar Community-Art Pluriverse-Biennale of Western Balkans  Crimean Tatar Community

Roma Community Office of Aliveri-Biennale of Western Balkans  Roma Community Office of Aliveri

community-Rizarios Crafting School-Biennale of Western Balkans  Rizarios Crafting School

The Progressive Association of Xanthi  Progressive Union of Xanthi

community-SEN Heritage Looms-Biennale of Western Balkans  SEN Heritage Looms

Community-Bezi Metsovo-Biennale of Western Balkans  Di Moullieri



Participating artists:

Artist Maria Juliana Byck  Maria Juliana Byck

Artist Kostantinos Gkarametsis  Konstantinos Gkarametsis

Artist Mina Kouvara  Mina Kouvara

Artist Inês Neto dos Santos  Inês Neto dos Santos

Multimedia artist Maria Varela  Maria Varela



Participating researchers:

Tatar Community-Art Pluriverse-Biennale of Western Balkans  NGO ALEM (Esma Adzhiieva & Vlada Fomina)

eleonor-geortsiaki  Eleonora Geortsiaki

victoria manganiello  Victoria Manganiello

cecilia palmer  Cecilia Palmér

kirila cvetkovska  Kirila Cvetkovska


Invited tutors and courses as Open Educational Resources:


Manvi Seth Manvi Seth
ICH documentation and community engagement (PDF presentation)



Brigitte Vezina Brigitte Vézina
Open licenses for ICH (PDF presentation)



Konstantinos Stampoulis Konstantinos Stampoulis
Wikimedia – Wikidata (PDF presentation)



Nikos Voyatzis Nikos Voyiatzis
History of community archives & digital folklore (video)



Simone da Silva Simone da Silva
Omeka S (video)



Puspita Ayu Permatasari Puspita Ayu Permatasari
Batik mobile application (video walkthrough)



Susanna Anas Susanna Ånäs
Wikidocumentaries (video walkthrough)




 The creative process and artworks created by the Artist-Community Synergies:

Maria Juliana Byck Roma Community Office of Aliveri
The potential of fashion to address social issues


Konstantinos GkarametsisRizarios Crafting School of Monodendri
Traditional grids and patterns within physical and digital space


Mina Kouvara Progressive Union of Xanthi (FEX)
Deep mapping of characteristic textiles, symbolisms and their people


Inês Neto dos Santos – SEN Heritage Looms
Connections between fermentation and textiles


Maria VarelaDi Moullieri (former Bezi Metsovo)
New collaborative textile based on traditional design synthesis



The community textile works documented in Wikimedia Commons by the participating researchers:


  Wikimedia Commons, Art Pluriverse