Tradition anew!
Biennale of Western Balkans, Ioannina, Greece

Biannual festival and year-round project that draws connections between intangible cultural heritage, art and technology.

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Welcome to the Biennale of Western Balkans

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Celebrate the past to build the future

Tradition anew .

With the title 'Tradition anew' the 1st Biennale of Western Balkans presents interdisciplinary projects that explore aspects of intangible cultural heritage and possibilities of their digital future.
The programme contains a main gathering event, three exhibitions and three conferences & workshops.

The Biennale sets up the framework to envision the creation of a Virtual Museum for Intangible Cultural Heritage and contemporary thought.

Creativity happens everywhere. We work and collaborate with people from all kinds of backgrounds .

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Main Event

Bubble .

Seen as an open-air laboratory, the park of Litharitsia will host a large-scale installation aiming to draw parallels between media, techniques and representations; from traditional techniques to inflatable art and open design structures. We invite citizens and students to the workshops culminating to the creation of the installation, in order to celebrate knowledge sharing, to exchange ideas, skills and visions.

Jaan Valsiner suggests that through patterns we access everyday reality and operate across aesthetic and functional fields. From communication systems, traditional crafts and textiles, to data networks and machine learning, patterns organise and represent cultural production within recognisable fields. Therefore we ask: Can we draw parallels and imagine new patterns through the synergy of new technologies with traditional practices? How do patterns manifest in public space through ephemeral installations?



A large-scale installation will mark the celebration of patterns in public space. Traditional crafts, new technologies and participatory design will find their common ground in Ioannina.



Learning and making together is what allows our collective imagination to grow. Join the workshops for the creation of the pavilion and acquire new knowledge and skills.



We invite artists, makers and communities to occupy the pavilion! Bring your projects, people or crafts, show them, discuss about them and let other curious minds get inspired or involved.


During the Biennale the pavillion will be open for active engagement with the city and the citizens. We are welcoming local communities, classes and initiatives to submit their ideas and use the space for their activities!

Artemis Papageorgiou "Patterns" Main Event's Curator

Exhibitions .

Sonic Minds

Walk along the cityscape using your mobile phones and enter a sound art world. Wanderers are also able to record their own narratives and co-create a hidden, collective acoustic experience...

Lia Dimou "Sonic Minds", Soundwalks' Curator

Talks & Workshops .


Un-co-nference sets in its core the new age of the Commons. Examples range from urban space to open-source technologies. Locals and visitors are invited to attend and differ, hopefully get inspired and enrich their collective imaginary.

Vasilis Ntouros "Unconference" Talks & Workshops' Curator