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Biennale of Western Balkans, Ioannina, Greece

Biannual festival and year-round project that draws connections between intangible cultural heritage, art and technology.

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Welcome to the Biennale of Western Balkans

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Art Pluriverse.
A Community Science Series

Intangible Culture · Art · Open Knowledge

📌 December 3rd-23rd, 2020 📍Online 
Art Pluriverse aims to uplift intangible heritage
and its communities of practice,
by documenting their cultural knowledge
in ethical, creative and educative ways.

In December 2020, the Biennale of Western Balkans will be launching Art Pluriversea community science series on intangible cultural heritage, art and open knowledge. The 1st Art Pluriverse edition opens a month-long digital programme of collective actions, in order to document, share and experience intangible cultural practices related to textiles. The modules include artist-community synergies, distance learning courses, a VR public experience and a writing jam.

Art Pluriverse offers opportunities for artists, creatives, researchers and Open GLAM enthusiasts, together with cultural communities, regionally active groups and underrepresented collectives, in order to cooperate and uplift local knowledge and intangible cultural practices through research-based art creation and collaborative learning. Textile communities will be selected with focus on the Balkan region.

Selected artists, communities and participants as well as the full programme of Art Pluriverse will be announced during November, 2020. Until then, stay tuned as we will be posting updates of the works in progress!

*In light of the contemporary global conditions, the second edition of BoWB (2020) has been postponed. Instead, Art Pluriverse is being developed as part of the Biennale’s year-round programme taking place in adjusted digital settings.

Open Calls.

Artists, creatives, researchers and all curious minds can come together with communities,
contributing to the creation of open knowledge.

illustration for Art Pluriverse

for Artists & Communities

Creation through collaboration

Deadline Sunday, October 25th 2020

for Participants

Work on Open GLAM practices

Deadline Sunday, October 25th 2020

A glimpse in Art Pluriverse. Textile month

Programme .

Events will take place during December 3rd-23rd, 2020. Full programme to be announced in November 2020.
Research-based art creation

Artist-Community Synergies

For: artists

Creating research- and community-based artworks that creatively explore intangible heritage and local knowledge around textiles along contemporary artistic practices.

Collaborative learning

FAIR Community archives

For: GLAM enthusiasts, students, researchers, curators, educators and cultural professionals

Distance learning courses for developing cultural data mindfulness and learning to create FAIR community archives through wiki-tools and Open GLAM practices.

VR public experience

3D Art Pluriverse

For: everyone! coming in December 2020

Art Pluriverse and the meaning of pluriversality will be open to explore within a 3D art space, conceived as a serendipitous virtual meeting space.

Writing jam

Zine Publication

For: Art Pluriverse participants and collaborators

The 1st Art Pluriverse Community Science Edition will be released as an open-access zine publication, through a day of zine jam with texts, art, illustrations and content co-creation.


Want to know more about the terms & concept?

Community Science

Communities and people can come together and create new knowledge in do-it-together research activities. The programme is engaging artists, creatives and researchers with small communities focused on the Balkan region, in order to collectively discover, experience and share local wisdom and intangible heritage practices.

Art Pluriverse

Conceived as a field in the making, inspired by the concepts of pluriversality, intangible culture and open knowledge. We aspire to gradually explore its meaning through month-long editions that will be focusing on different intangible heritage topics (e.g. oral cultures, performing arts, social practices, craftsmanship), bringing up contemporary ecological, gender, critical and intercultural issues.

Open knowledge

Defines how data and content can be openly accessed, modified, reused and shared by all. We advocate for openness and cultural data-mindfulness, fostering open access publishing, creative commons and open source principles. Open knowledge is the overarching practice for the Art Pluriverse Community Science Series.

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Partners .

Interested in getting involved, becoming a partner, joining the organisation team or introducing your initiative?
Contact us! A growing list of partners will be added along, as we are getting closer to the opening.
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